mapLast September AFS community members sent over 1000 emails in 37 states to ask Washington to lift spending caps, avoid a government shutdown, and adequately fund science. If you click on our interactive map of emails sent, you can see which states we reached, and how many emails were sent. Unsurprisingly, the most emails were sent from Massachusetts, since that is where we are connected to the most people. States where students spread the word through their email list serves, like Pennsylvania and Washington, also had a lot of emails sent. The map is one way to make our campaign more transparent and show the impact that advocacy can have. Each personal email sent is considered the voice of ~50 constituents by legislators. This is because so few people take the time to write emails. We have been told by people that have worked with legislators that 100 personal emails is a number that gets noticed and can sway policy. This especially true if they all happen in the same one week time-frame. We hope to reach every state this year in our fall email campaign for science funding. 100 emails really isn’t that many- we got this! Sign up to help us reach that goal. Your voice really does make a difference.

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