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AFS News Roundup 04/24/16- regular updates on science funding, policy, and research news

SENATE MOVING QUICKLY ON ENERGY BILL The Senate are trying to rapidly push through a Department of Energy appropriations bill that would increase funding by $50 million to the Office of Science, but funding to the fusion project ITER for the 3rd year in a row. The White House have indicated they may veto the bill, […]

AFS News Roundup 04/12/16- regular updates on science funding, policy, and research news

‘SPARE’ EBOLA MONEY TO FUND ZIKA RESEARCH The White House has announced reallocating $589 million from Ebola response funds towards combatting the Zika virus. However, this falls far short of the $2 billion requested by the White House from Congress, who have yet to act on the emergency funding request. Money has already been diverted […]

MIT’s Glimpse podcast interviews AFS co-founder, Dr. Christin Glorioso

The culture of academic science is growing increasingly pessimistic. Scientists at dinner tables around the country can be heard worrying about funding and wondering if their research will be able to go on. On this episode of Glimpse, Christin discusses how US science funding has gotten to a 40 yr low and how AFS is engaging […]

Welcome to the Academics for the Future of Science Blog!

In future posts, we plan to explore aspects of the science funding process, and the effects of funding on scientists and society at large. Stay tuned!